Optimize your Vitality with Holistic Chiropractic

Optimize your Vitality with Holistic Chiropractic

If you think chiropractic care is just for your pains, think again! Chiropractic care can benefit you in ways you might never expect. And while most people visit their chiropractor’s office for the first time to relieve pain in their back or neck, they keep returning even after the pain is gone because of the amazing benefits.

Chiropractic care is a safe, natural way to help the body learn how to heal itself.

Ever since I was a small child my mother told me that I should become a chiropractor. In my 20’s I realized that my mom was right and that I loved helping people feel good by touching them. As I started care myself, I started to understand my body, my feelings, I was able to release traumas and find flexibility and Life within. I’ve been a practicing chiropractor for 20 years now. The years, the transformation and helping people feel better and realize themselves has deepened my passion for chiropractic.

Chiropractic has always been very present in our family and we all appreciate how chiropractic impacted our lives:

Keoni (17) and Eowyn (14) get checked twice a month for maintenance and when something traumatic happens like getting braces, knee and shoulder traumas, wrist pain, if they feel like they are catching a cold, they get checked more often. They generally ask for it, knowing that they will feel better because of it. We just like keeping them healthy and chiropractic makes sense in addition to eating healthy, fun activities and positive thinking.

Emma gets checked once a week. She doesn’t know how she would have survived Life without it. It helped her with depression, pain, stress, and pregnancies. Helping her be well physically and mentally. She started care in 1996, 24 years and going of optimizing body/mind connection and helping others do the same.

Cathy,(82) my mom, has been under care for over 40 years. She likes getting checked often. She had polio as a child and her body stayed unbalanced from it. Since care started, she regained and maintained flexibility, and comfort in her daily activities.

Ghislaine, Emma’s mom, discovered chiropractic and encouraged Emma to become a chiropractor. She had a very repetitive job and her neck suffered from it. Chiropractic helped her with her physical pain but she also noticed how it helped her to open her heart and experience life with positivity and vitality.

Our sisters and brothers (in-law)(40-50’s) and their kids (nieces and nephews)(2-10) will ask to get checked when we see them. For as long as we can remember they would lay down on the table as soon as it opened without prompting. One nephew told his mom, when he broke his leg and wore a cast, that he needed Uncle B to fix him. We did adjust him while he was in a cast to speed up the healing process and help balance his body. Emma’s brother took advantage of a daily checkup while we were on vacation for 15 days. He noticed less back pain for months, better posture, and a better mood.

Cousins too love chiropractic. We are often asked advice and to look at something during family get-togethers.

Share with us what you get from your chiropractic sessions.