Are you your worst enemy?

Are you your worst enemy?

We are creatures of habit, and our automatic patterns determine much of our lives. We often talk about your autopilot during our sessions together in the Center. We all have been “programmed” in one way or another by our past experiences, and we all have some programs/habits that don’t really serve us. We know many people that feel like they are their own worst enemy with patterns/habits that get in the way of their happiness, life, and health.  So, what about you?  Are you your own worst enemy?

The power of our habits/patterns
Our physical health is affected by our physical habits. The way we sit, stand, walk, and work all affect how we feel. Many of our clients suffer from neck and back pain linked to poor physical habits.  We are trained to see the patterns of, and in, your physical body to correct and make recommendations to change your physical habits, repair the damage that was done and stabilize those changes so you can use your body in a different way to create new healthy habits.

Our physical health is also affected by our mental habits/patterns. These are sometimes harder to become aware of and to release. We can get stuck in a vicious circle and have a hard time understanding how to get out of it, like how you might take the same highway to go to work every day while forgetting the smaller roads that can also be more pleasant and practical.  Those mental patterns stop us from engaging in activities, get in the way of our relationships, and make us procrastinate. Our bodies show what mental patterns it holds when you know what to look for.  We regularly help our clients in figuring out those mental patterns that “drive them nuts”.  A holistic, global approach is key because often physical and mental patterns work and in hand.

Sometimes we need to identify where our patterns come from so that we can let go of them more easily:

School – Depending on the school and teacher, we as kids and then young adults learn more about social interactions, life in general, and behavioral skills during our education than actual knowledge of information. Look into your local schools to see what the education system is teaching the kids. Have you ever thought of school as a place that teaches you patterns?

TV/media/internet – TV and screen time influences us more than we think.  Talking with a client yesterday we were sharing how TV represents an image of families and life that is often out of step with reality, an idealized version of things.  Are you aware of how TV and your internet time influences your thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors?

Family – The family education and culture we were born into begins before we can even speak. Because of our relationship with our parents (positive or negative) we can either embrace or reject this guidance. Either way it affects us.  So, are you like your parents or their opposite? Are those patterns consciously chosen?

Our own life discoveries – All of the lessons that we have learned, both good and bad.  And some that we have yet to figure out.

So, are your patterns good for you? Or do you need to reset them and create new ones?

The best advice we can give is to educate yourself and be mindful of your reactions to what you learn!  We learn new information daily on how our body is working, what is harmful to us and what we need to thrive. We have access to an overwhelming amount of information online too. It is sometimes hard to make sense of it all, but we feel it is vital to explore and do your own research. What you do not know can hurt you.  We are a bit weird in that we have always been fascinated to understand what our body’s needs are and how to tap into our intuition to better serve ourselves and others.  Observing what our bodies do and being mindful of its reaction is key to living a sense of vitality. If you are uncertain that you can trust your body or how to understand it then work with some experts who can help you. We have been helping thousands of people get reconnected with their body/mind over the last 20 years. It is our pleasure to give you back control of your patterns, your life, your health and Vitality.

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