Understanding pain – a key to the solution!

Understanding pain – a key to the solution!

Pain is such an interesting symptom, and yet there are so many reasons why we are in pain, that pain itself is not always a good diagnostic tool. A pain in the neck can be so many different things, a physical issue (slept wrong, too long in front of computer, trauma to the neck or head…), a life crisis moment (stress taking over and pinning you down, …) Let’s take a moment to explore the different types of pain so we might be able to regain our wellbeing.

The sensation of pain can tear us down or, drive us forward.  And no matter what the pain (physical, emotional, spiritual) the most common reaction shown in society is to just make the pain go away fast.  And when the pain goes away, we forget and often engage again in the same behaviors that created the pain in the first place and getting us stuck in a vicious circle.

Understanding the different types of pain can help to turn a difficult situation into an opportunity for real growth.  So, what are the types of pain?  As taken from Dr. Epstein in his CD “Pain to Progress” here are the 4 types of pain:

Physical pain – overuse, compensation, tear, inflammation, infection…
Pain of avoiding suffering – all your energy goes to avoidance, refocusing our attention is key.
Pain of trying to control your experience – we need to trust destiny and the seeds we plant to grow strong.
Pain from not making enough progress – stagnation in this life, especially in our culture, can create deep wounds.

Pain is an awareness that says, « Stop Now »; it is there to take us out of our everyday, habitual life.  Trying to get back to that everyday life without making the appropriate changes that caused the pain in the first place just ends up keeping you stuck in the same situation with one type of pain or another.

There are times in life when pain just feels overwhelming. Yet, it is through our trials and pain that our deepest gifts can emerge, and it is by overcoming it that we are made stronger and more valuable to ourselves and our loved ones.

“Dr. Burton Wagner, DC equips me to recognize my own tension and where I hold it so I can relieve back, pain, but even more, improve my overall mental wellbeing.” Troy W.

At some point, we all will inevitably have to confront our pain…

At San Clemente Vitality Center, we help get to the cause of pain and empower our clients with resources to transcend their pain and create health and Vitality.  Here are The 5 pillars of natural pain relief:

Core neurology:  stimulate brain activity to facilitate the healing process with a positive outlook to heal your pain more quickly.
Eliminate toxins to reduce the inflammation and pain.
Focus on the health and flexibility of your spine and nervous system to shift from a physiology of defense to a physiology of healing,
Nutrition and Digestive health must support the growth and proper repair of the gut and body to eliminate inflammation.
Improve posture and regain proper movement.  A body well aligned is easy on the joints and easy to move around.

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