Health and Weight Loss. How one size doesn’t fit all!

Health and Weight Loss. How one size doesn’t fit all!

Studying the development of the human species is truly fascinating. How we migrated across the globe, what we ate, what helped us survive, what experiences created our genetic code, how we grew these big brains, built communities and everything in between. It’s amazing to see how we have evolved and slowly strengthened this amazing body and genetic code we now have.

We are continually surprised at how much current variation we have in our health, our well-being, how we respond to stress, our diets, and respond to our world around us. As we evolved, we didn’t all eat different ways, at different times or have much variety in our lifestyle at all. So why would a customized, person to person approach to weight loss, health, and healing be so important today?

It really doesn’t make sense that a “one size fits all” approach Doesn’t work for everyone.  Evolutionarily thinking it should……but it doesn’t!

Lots of people alive today would have died off in the natural, non-modern, non-cultivation environment of the past. These people, their families, and their entire lineages would not even be swimming in the gene pool today if the “survival of the fittest” world that formed our genetics was still in effect and ruling it today. What we call diversity in our populations is really an accumulating and growing set of genetic mutations, defects and weaknesses that are being supported by the efforts of our modern technology and agriculture.

We think of how many contributions to society, art, science, medicine, culture and spiritual growth have been made by people and cultures who might not have been able to do so if they lived even 100 years ago, never mind 1,000 or 10,000 years ago.

So, what does this have to do with weight loss, health, and healing? It means that we have a very diverse genetic expression across our population. There is no longer a natural human habitat or environment. Consequently, in most cases we won’t know why certain body changes, illnesses, diseases, mental and mood challenges come about, and even worse we won’t have a standard of approach in dealing with them since the reactions to any given treatments or protocols and interventions will be as varied as the set of circumstances that led to their development in the first place.

The only option we have is to be proactive, to feed our genes.  We are not destined to be sick as many people believe but rather must live with the awareness that the environment may be stacked against us. If we wait until symptoms or issues show up, it will be a lot harder get a handle on it and bring things back to a homeostatic, if not optimal, weight, health and healing state. When and if things do show up that challenge our health and well-being, we have to resist thinking that some pill or single intervention will be the magic bullet that fixes our issues. That expectation will only guarantee a lifelong bout of misery as we chase one magic bullet after another.  For example, we like to use whole food nutrition along with specific supplementation based on  your genetic expression among other modalities.

By looking at our lives, health and lifestyle from a holistic perspective we have a hope of correcting the myriad of negative effects and promoting the numerous and powerful healing mechanisms available to us. There is hope and the potential for living with vitality than most people believe possible, but we will have to earn it.  We will have to take daily regular action and accountability for our own weight, health, and well-being.

We are honored to be on this path with all of you! Call our office if we can help you create your individualized weight, health and wellbeing program.