United couples are stronger

United couples are stronger

While everyone has a different concept of what healthy is to them, most people agree that it is all about feeling your absolute best physically, emotionally, and mentally!

You already know that physical health has to do with nutrition, exercise habits, spinal care and sufficient rest. Whereas mental health has a lot to do with habits, thought patterns, and confidence.  Regardless of how we define healthy, everyone wants to feel better, however that may be for them.

Creating (and achieving) goals with your partner doesn’t only strengthen your relationship, but also provides motivation, accountability, support, and some serious bonding! Including your partner on your journey to a healthier lifestyle makes the process more enjoyable, encourages your partner on their journey, and provides more sustainable, lasting change.

Your health goals are specific to you so it is most likely that your partner’s goals will be different from your own. Regardless of the goal, the most important part of working towards it is to identify it, structure it, and voice it!

Take some time with your partner to address what your individual goals are, and how you can support each other to achieve the goals you’ve created for yourselves. Ask yourself and your partner these questions:

Why is this goal important?
What is involved?
How will I know when it is accomplished?
How can I accomplish this goal?
How can it be measured?
How realistic is this goal?
Does it seem worthwhile?
When do I anticipate accomplishing this goal?
What can I do today to begin working towards it?

Work together with Respect! Having your partner there for you shows they respect you, being there for them relays the same message. Taking care of yourself is one of the most obvious ways to showing your life partner that you want to be your best for them! This helps you AND your relationship!

Create a vision board, it’s a super fun activity to do together!  It is a creative interpretation of your goals and a great addition to any healthy lifestyle. It will motivate your couple, keep you on task, and cultivate gratitude.

Use a poster board or a blank sheet of paper. Find images that resonate with your intentions from any resource you find useful. Create! Make sure to create a mix of words and images that fit the qualifying theme of your vision. Place them in a way that makes you feel good and glue away! Place in an area of your home that you will be able to see it regularly. Whatever your goal may be, keep in mind you are making this for yourselves!  And then make a board for your couple as well!

Here are some more healthy habits you can implement with your partner:

• Find fun and productive ways to manage your stress
• Share a healthy sleep schedule
• Eat breakfast together
• Communicate your needs
• Cut back on sugar
• Protect your skin
• Do breathing exercises
• Practice moderation
• Make meaningful social connections
• Most importantly, HAVE FUN TOGETHER!

And one last thing.  Our having worked with many couples over the years has taught us that couples that are engaged and receive care together (we offer a gentle spinal care) heal and grow not only as individuals but as a couple as well.  There is a synergy that is created when receiving care together that accelerates any work you do as a couple.  Ask us how this can be beneficial to you and your couple.