A three-step process to manifest your goals

A three-step process to manifest your goals

As the New Year rings, we know it is that time of the year.  It’s the time we think about making resolutions, our goals for the new year ahead.  Here at the San Clemente Vitality Center we partner with you and your family to ensure that you actualize your goals, be they health or life related.

Over the years of supporting thousands of individuals and families like you and yours, we have found that Goal Setting can be this elusive concept that typically leads to less than desirable outcomes as often we do not take our own goals seriously enough.

Also, many people compartmentalize their goals in specific areas of their life.  They set goals for their professional life that don’t necessarily work in their personal life and the outcome is a disaster.  The goal is unachievable because of the contradiction.

As seasoned practitioners we have learned that it is best to lead an integrated lifestyle.  The goals that we set are supposed to enrich all areas of our lives.  At least that is what we imagine when we make our goals/resolutions.  We encourage you to set goals that allow you to achieve the outcome you desire in all areas of your life.

Sound good?

Here is a three-step process to help you manifest your goals…

Step 1 – Take Yourself Seriously

When you make your resolution, or goal, you need to believe you are capable of achieving this outcome more than anyone else in the world. So look in the mirror TODAY, declare your goal, and know with certainty that you WILL do it.  Feel what it will feel like to have achieved your goal so that it is just a part of your life.  Hold your posture showing that you are confident in achieving your goal.  Everything we do to show our commitment brings us closer to our goals.

Step 2 – Reverse Engineer Your Goal

Here is an example using money as the goal but the process is the same for anything.  So let’s pretend that your goal is to earn an additional $10,000 to take your family on a surprise Hawaii trip and create memories that will last a lifetime.  This type of goal works with an integrated lifestyle as it achieves both professional and family goals.

So if you want to do this in a month you need to make an additional $333/day for 30 days.  Want to do it in a year you need to make an additional $30/day.  Okay, now what can you do to make that additional amount?

-Ask for referrals if you are in a service business
-Sell some of those things collecting dust in the garage that you don’t care about
-Pick up some part-time work to supplement
-Start a home business
-Committ to excelling in your work for a bonus or raise
-Start an online business
-Be creative

When you set goals, it is so important to reverse engineer the process so that you know exactly what is required daily.  When we know what we must do each day we can create goals that we will know are achievable rather than just a pipe dream. Make sense?

Step 3 – Stop negotiating with yourself

The only reason we don’t achieve our goal(s) is that we allow ourselves to negotiate with OURSELVES.

-You wake up late and you negotiate why that is okay and you stay in bed.
-You don’t plan an event that you thought of and you negotiate with yourself that it’s ok because the weather is too cold anyway.
-You don’t ask for referrals and you negotiate that the person seemed busy anyway.

-You don’t choose a healthy option and you negotiate that this is your cheat day (the 3rd of the week)

People who hit their goals CONSISTENTLY do not negotiate with themselves and instead, they make their goals NON-negotiable.

So, our final thought, question, and challenge for you is the following…


We are here to support you, educate you, encourage you and help you create vitality in your health and your life.

2020 is a gift of a fresh, clean year where creative energy and determination can help us all to become who and what we desire.

Yours in Vitality,

Drs. Burton and Emma Wagner, DC